by Deutsche Grammophon | June 21, 2017

Welcome to Avi Avital's new videoblog in which he comments on many of the songs from his new album Avital meets Avital.

Let's start however, with his introduction of the album as a whole.

Webisode #1

Lonely Girl

by Deutsche Grammophon | June 21, 2017

We start with one of two ballads on the album - Lonely Girl. Enjoy Avi's description, mixed with some performance video.

Webisode #2


by Deutsche Grammophon | June 30, 2017

Maroc is, as its name suggests, all about the rhythms and colour of Moroccan music, central to both Avi and Omer Avital's personal as well as musical heritage. Listen in to hear how.

Webisode #3

Ana Maghrebi

by Deutsche Grammophon | July 05, 2017

Ana Maghrebi means "I am from the Maghreb". Avi Avital comments on this 3rd track, whose title and musical idea is central to the whole concept of the album.

Both Avi and Omer Avital's families originally came from Marocco and they celebrate this aspect of their musical heritage in this track. But in tune with the concept of the whole album, they do this by mixing it with other cultural influences that, as musicians, they have soaked up over the years, as they travel around the world, learning new musical forms and meeting different musicians and artists.

In this particular track, Avi tells us, Omer, who composed the music, mixes in some caribbean rhythms!

Webisode #4

Avi's Song

by Deutsche Grammophon | July 05, 2017

In this post Avi Avital talks about the track on the album that he composed himself - "Avi's Song"!

Webisode #5

The Source And The Sea

by Deutsche Grammophon | July 05, 2017

In this last videoblog post Avi Avital comments on the final track of the album: The Source and the Sea. This is a tribute to a beautiful old Israeli song that Avi and Omer both remember from their childhood.