Welcome to my videoblog!

by Nemanja Radulovic | September 24, 2016

Dear myDG Members,

I have made some webisodes about myself and my new album "Bach", which I would like to share with you over the coming weeks. Amongst a number of topics I talk about how I came to be a violinist living in Paris, my feelings about playing Bach, and of course some comments on my wonderful collaborators in this album.

I look forward to welcoming you to these webisodes soon.

Webisode #1

Webisode #1: My Personal Story

by Nemanja Radulovic | September 24, 2016

How it all began… In this first webisode, I speak about how I came to play the violin as a child in Serbia, how my family and I moved to Paris as a result of the war, and how this wonderful city has allowed me to be the musician I have become.

Webisode #2

Webisode #2: Being on Stage

by Nemanja Radulovic | October 07, 2016

In this short video I will talk about how did it feel the first time I performed on stage, being behind the scenes and tell you some of the reasons why I adopted a certain image as an artist, starting with my hair!

Webisode #3

Webisode #3: My Relationship to Bach

by Nemanja Radulovic | October 28, 2016

It's important to me to feel free, so I can offer something special to an audience. While many think you need to be serious with Bach and that he is complicated, I feel a special relationship to his music. I play him every day whether I am performing him or not, since his music has accompanied me throughout my life, from my very beginnings in Serbia.

Webisode #4

Webisode #4: Collaboration with Double Sens

by Nemanja Radulovic | November 03, 2016

Learn more about my collaboration with the ensemble Double Sens and some insights from the recording process!

Webisode #5

Webisode #5: Collaboration with Tijana Milosevic

by Nemanja Radulovic | November 23, 2016

It was important for me to record the Concerto for Two Violins by Bach with someone I knew for a very long time. That is why I was very happy to do it with Tijana Milosevic. After so many years, we had the chance to repeat the experience!