Welcome to the Mutterissimo videoblog!

by Deutsche Grammophon | May 10, 2017

Watch the three episodes of Anne-Sophie Mutter's series in which she talks about her new Album "Mutterissimo".

Webisode #1

Idea and Design Competition

by Deutsche Grammophon | May 10, 2017

"Welcome to baking class!" Are you curious to know more about the ingredients of this special cake in the cover design? Tune in and listen to Anne-Sophie Mutter explain how she chose the cover design via a fan competition.

Webisode #2

The Repertoire

by Deutsche Grammophon | May 19, 2017

In this 2nd episode Anne-Sophie Mutter talks about the different repertoire she chose to be part of the album and above all how the different recording "layers" work together to make up the artistic whole.

Webisode #3

A special atmosphere

by Deutsche Grammophon | May 26, 2017

In this final videoblog post Anne-Sophie Mutter comments on how she feels the combination of artwork on the one hand and the choice and ordering of her recordings on the other combine to offer a special atmostphere in which she hopes the listener will approach the music.