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The contest is now over!

Thank you for participating!

Watch all great videos in the gallery below.

  1. VIDEO CONTEST "La Donna è mobile" Rolando Villazón (black&white/silent film/burlesque)

    Added by Paul Adrien Ferré 24-12-2012
  2. La Donna è mobile by Rolando Villazón (Video: María Teresa Jiménez R)

    Added by mariterejr 21-12-2012
  3. La DONNA e mobile!?

    Added by 08-12-2012
  4. La donna è mobile

    Added by Inka 09-11-2012
  5. Rolando's audition with "La donna e mobile"

    Added by kix 30-12-2012
  6. La donna è mobile - Stop Motion

    Added by EmmaWoodhouse 27-12-2012